MILITARY / GOVERNMENT

  • Former US Marine (2nd Force Recon)
  • Successfully completed RIP (Reconnaissance Indoctrination Program)
  • Graduate of ARS (Amphibious Reconnaissance School) awarded 0321 MOS Recon Marine
  • Meritoriously promoted twice in 4 years while serving in the Marines (PFC and LCPL)
  • Honor graduate US Marine Corp Infantry School
  • Placed on the Commandants List of Excellence for his performance in Infantry School
  • Honor graduate US Army PLDC (Platoon Leadership Development Course)
  • Graduate of US Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course
  • Former US Army Special Forces “Green Beret” (18B Weapons Expert)
  • HALO / SCUBA qualified 1% of all Special Forces soldiers 
  • Deployed to Haiti for Operation Uphold Democracy and Maintain Democracy
  • Former operative in highly classified Government counter-terrorist unit
  • Multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries conducting highly classified DA (Direct Action) missions supporting the Global War on Terrorism
  • Held the highest security clearance awarded by the US Government (TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph)
  • Former instructor for MARSOC (Marine Corps Special Operations Command) Assessment and Selection Course
  • Instructor Certifications: Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Tactical Tracking Operations, SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat), Anti-Terrorism Force Protection